Steve Bearsley: Chief Engineer

Steve Bearsley is the Owner and Chief Engineer at Straightaway Productions. He has been recording and mixing music professionally since 1998. He has been playing music since 1993, and his excitement for the audible arts has given him the opportunity take part in many records and live productions.
As for education and experience, Steve has a degree in the Recording Arts as well as extensive experience and knowledge in recording, mixing and producing records. His first studio employment was at Trans Continental Studios in Orlando, FL where he began tracking and mixing and developing skills with MIDI production. He then moved to Chicago, IL where he took part in both live and studio production. He worked for Sound Investment, Event Engineering, the Chocolate Factory and other freelance work. While working, He also played in a band and worked to create an atmosphere and sound that would inspire. He later on partnered up with Duane Sigel at Legis Studios where they ran a diverse client base with positive feedback from their clients.
Steve has spent years in the studio and has worked with numerous artists of all different styles and genres. He has credits on many albums as well as albums that have reached double platinum status. Steve believes that that you have to love what you do to get the results you want. Steve cares deeply for what he does and strives to be successful.

Luke Akker:In House Engineer

Luke decided to step out of the box and enroll in an apprenticeship through California based ECC. ECC works with hundreds of recording studios in North America (including three in Chicago, IL) to place their students directly in an internship style environment where student and mentor work together to complete ECC’s curriculum. Luke was accepted as one of the 5% of applicants to the prestigious Paragon Studios placement where he began immediately learning his trade. “Working at Paragon was incredible. The first day we were setting up for a vocal overdub session and my mentor handed me a Neumann M 149 microphone and said this cost seven grand, don’t drop it. I was floored and instantly knew I had chosen the correct path. I worked on several projects in my time there but the one that sticks out the most was a live recording and radio broadcast of an 8 piece folk band. That project was Interesting to say the least.”
Luke was offered a position at Paragon Studios after completion of his apprentice program but instead chose to join up with good friends Steven Bearsley and Duane Sigel at Legis Studios of Sterling, IL (Now moved to Morrison, IL and renamed Straightaway Productions). Luke’s creativity will continue to serve his clients and the music industry by producing tomorrow’s Gold and Platinum records.

Darius Morgan: House Engineer

Darius Has been playing guitar for nearly 30 years. This includes being Sauk Valley’s main teacher for 5 years at Kidder and Top Dog Music, teaching nearly 40 students a week. He is known for taking people from A to B quickly if they have the drive and desire already there by teaching students playing fundamentals. He shows aspiring songwriters and musicians the little stuff about presenting their material, working with the technology available and also some music history background to show the lineage of musical forms.

Darius worked at Sound Investment in Chicago and has done live sound for various festivals.

Darius is a live sound/recording engineer and with past experiences would be a great producer for your upcoming album/track!